Certificate and AAS in Electric Power Technology - Details

The courses in EPCE and Bismarck State College’s online Electric Power Technology (ELPW) program are:

  • Flexible to accommodate personal and professional schedules.
  • Offered every 3-5 weeks on a rotating schedule with the ability to enroll at any time.

The technical courses in this online program can count towards an Associate’s of Applied Science Degree or Certificate in Electric Power Technology.  Courses can also be taken individually for professional development or training.

Online Technical Courses:

  • ELPW 111 Introduction to Electrical Industry and Power Grid 
  • ENRT 103 Applied Math
  • ENRT 106 DC Fundamentals 
  • ENRT 108 AC Fundamentals 
  • ELPW 105 Electrical System Fundamentals 
  • ELPW 109 Electrical Industry Safety 
  • ELPW 110 Basic Print Reading 
  • ELPW 112 Electrical System Components 
  • ELPW 122 Industrial Composition and Industrial Communication 
  • ELPW 200 Advanced Print Reading 
  • ELPW 202 Advanced Industrial Safety 
  • ELPW 204 Advanced Electrical Systems 
  • ELPW 206 Electrical System Protection


AAS Degree Requirements

The Electric Power Technology Associate of Applied Science degree requires 68 credit hours.

  • Technical program: 53 credit hours
  • General education: 15 credit hours


Certificate Requirements

The Electric Power Technology Certificate requires 58 credit hours.

  • Technical program: 53 credit hours
  • General Education: 4 credit hours

Specialization Courses for Program:

Line Construction Specialization

  • ELPW 250 Transformers 
  • ELPW 230 Underground Line Construction 
  • ELPW 210 Overhead Transmission and Distribution Line Construction 

Substation Specialization

  • ELPW 251 Substation Construction and Maintenance 
  • ELPW 211 Substation Relays 
  • ELPW 231 Substation Operations 

System Design Specialization

  • ELPW 208 Advanced Math 
  • ELPW 212 System Design Basics 
  • ELPW 232 System Design Analysis 
  • ELPW 252 Civil Design 

Metering Specialization

  • ELPW 208 Advanced Math 
  • ELPW 213 Fundamentals of Metering 
  • ELPW 233 Single-Phase Metering and Polyphase Metering 
  • ELPW 253 Advanced Metering Technology

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